Types of Translation Services

Types of Translation Services

There are three primary types of translation.  Read on to discover which of the following translation type you need!

Types of Translation

Audio Translation

Imagine a product development team based in New York aiming to sell to a German market. With all the market research interviews done in host language, German, audio translation is vital to transition content into English. Only then can the team analyze the findings to direct future decision.

Text Translation

A boating accident has occurred in Mexico. The patient is rushed to the local hospital for preliminary medical services. After reaching stable health, the patient returns to the US where the doctor needs all the files text translated from Spanish to English in order to comprehend the injury and prior procedures.

Video Translation

Inspired, a renown professor from NYU launches a series of profound video lectures about the nature of quantum physics and the future of scientific discovery in our generation. His ideas are so attractive, demand for translations into multiple world languages flourishes. After video translation, his lectures are imprinted with closed-captioning of many languages to reach audiences around the world.

In Conclusion

Within our own borders and across nation lines we have a vast amount of linguistic diversity. Translation services are needed for business, medicine, criminal justice, academia, journalism, videography, film, and much more. It is important to know which type of translation you require, or whether your project is requiring a combination of forms.

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