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We provide transcription, translation, and closed captioning for those seeking rapid, reliable service with a single point of contact – Kristin. She founded Kristin Muller Transcription Services (KMTS) in 1989 to serve the medical field’s boom in dictation transcription. Over 35 years, we’ve grown to serve all industries and expanded product offerings.


We want to hear about your project. Reach out to Kristin to discuss what you’re exactly wanting and we will deliver. You’ll get a cost-effective solution and 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Choose from our suite of solutions including direct EMR transcription, virtual scribes, medical transcripts, and back-end editing.

Transfer lectures, webinars, and dissertations into useful copy for teaching, studying, and researching.

Document depositions, wiretaps, arbitration, body cams, interrogations, and dictations for success both inside and outside the courtroom.

Mine text data from focus groups, meetings, conference calls, and presentations to make key decisions.

Convert interviews, articles, books, and films into print for publishing and distribution.

Communicate exactly what you’re looking for and we will meet your transcription, translation, or closed captioning needs.

31 Years of Experience

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Single Point of Contact

US-Based Transcriptionists

Secure & Confidential

KMTS Perks

We don’t have hidden costs based on preferred service selections. Choose your perks and we’ll produce work the way you want!


Embedding within EMRs, cloud storage, or preferred software.


Notating time at 30-second intervals or paragraph changes.


Opting for audio-to-text transcription exactly as it was recorded.

Rush Orders

Delivering on a 24-hour turnaround when needed.


Upholding a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Enhanced Security

Protecting private networks, data encryption, and firewalls

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Upload Audio / Video Files

KMTS Pros Go to Work

Receive Transcripts / Integrations


We serve major hospitals, universities, law firms, media companies, municipalities, businesses, publishers, and more. We also strictly protect our clients’ privacy. Please contact us directly for insight into our portfolio of partnerships.


Years of Experience

Negin G.

Kristin was great and responsive! I appreciated her professionalism and the quick turn around time for the transcripts – we had a bunch during the year as well as in the summer. The transcriptions were pretty error free and very clearly organized. She was also open to our suggestions about how to organize the transcripts and the labeling. Thanks!!

Leah K.

Kristin is great! She is always quick to respond to my emails and is excellent at providing same-day transcriptions. She can handle change easily and is always so positive and friendly! It’s been a pleasure working with her.

Fawad A.

We’ve been using Kristin Muller Transcription for student interviews, and she’s been great. She is very fast – the turnaround is always earlier than expected. If you’re a school, business, filmmaker, anything, I highly recommend her services!

Blake F.

My wife and I are small business owners and met Kristin through one of our customers. When the time came that we needed professional transcription services we went straight to Kristin, not knowing for sure what we were doing. Within a very short amount of time she not only had us convinced that she was the right person for the job but also was able to educate me on the whole process. My customers are happy and from what I can tell we could not have made a better choice. Kristin is professional, on time and very intelligent. I would be more than happy to recommend her to anyone and everyone in need of transcription services.

Karen S.

Kristin transcribed a number of interviews for my study and I was amazed at how quickly she was able to turn the audio files into the document format.  Her price was very reasonable as well.

Elicia M.

Kristin was a pleasure to work with.  She turned around high quality transcriptions within two weeks.  The process was very simple and she kept communication throughout the process.  I highly recommend her services.  Her price is competitive.

Colleen S.

Kristin is awesome! She helped me to transcribe two 30 minute videos.It was easy to contact her and she always replied to my questions. I really appreciated that she kept in contact with me throughout the entire process. I had trouble sending her my interviews via email so she was flexible and I was able to mail them to her on a USB. Her turn over time was quick, she is really friendly and willing to work with you based on your specific needs. I am glad I picked her to help me with the nightmare of transcribing!

Fred J.

Fast, neat, accurate and affordable.  Can’t ask for much more than that in a transcription service.

Nate B.

Excellent service. Kristin saw to it that 51 one hour long transcriptions containing health care-related content in English and Spanish were done, done well, and on time.

Stacie M.

Kristin’s service is amazing!! I needed help fast and she was able to send me back the transcription within 24 hours with 99.9% accuracy. I can’t thank her enough and I will be using her service for all of my transcribing needs in the future!!

David S.

Kristen is fast and ridiculously thorough.  I wish my thoughts she was transcribing were as good as she is.

M T.

Kristin and her experienced team are top-notch. They were communicative throughout the process, and were extremely pleasant to work with.

Kate M.

Kristin gets five stars because she does what she says she will. Her work is fantastic. I found her here on Yelp and our office is pleased and grateful to have consistent and top notch work delivered on time (again and again). And I’m adding a gold star to the five red ones because it is a pleasure doing business with such a lovely individual. Thank you, Kristin.

David H.

Thank goodness for Kristin’s service!  I was up to the wire on completing my dissertation and wasn’t sure how I was going to transcribe dozens of interviews while typing a measly 40 wpm.  I reached out to Kristin and she returned my phone call within a few hours.  I had the data files uploaded to Dropbox within a day and by the end of the week Kristin had transcribed 13 hours of data.  Wow!  I was not only surprised but truly impressed.  I recommend Kristin to anybody that considers reliability, consistency, and excellent customer service as paramount when choosing service providers.

Judy Z.

I have worked with many other transcription companies for audio & text projects.  But Kristin at Kristin Muller Transcription has been the best!

Kristin’s final product was awesome.  It was 99% accurate!!  That is a rate I can say I have not had in the past.  She met my time constraints and did not have any hidden fees associated with the prompt turnaround.

It was also a breath of fresh air that she was always available for me to talk to.  She was willing to adjust and work with all my special needs on the project.  That is also something I have not had with other companies.  Normally I am talking to someone different every time, but not with Kristin. I was able to reach her at all times.

I will make sure I use Kristin Muller Transcription for my next project!

Kat M.

Kristin is so knowledgeable about her work.  She produces efficient transcriptions and very easy to work with.  Highly recommended!

Matt G.

Kristen provided amazing service!

The transcriptions she delivered were perfect, and she was a responsive, good communicator throughout the process. She handled strong accents without a hitch, and I was thrilled about how quickly she returned finished transcriptions. I have nothing but good things to say about the experience!

Questions?  You can email or call us at (310) 545-0982