Closed Captioning Services


Closed captioning is meant to make audiovisual information accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing. For major network providers, this is mandated nationwide. For all, captioning videos is best practice to increase viewership and elevate comprehension. KMTS embeds captions no matter the size of your project.


In the era of COVID-19, K-12 districts and universities are turning to Closed Captioning to continue supporting students with special needs and ELs. We are fully aware of this need and are already working with institutions to adapt during this time.

closed captioning

Benefits of Closed Captioning

Closed captioning is a critical part of your video content for a multitude of reasons.


Get your video crawled by search engines to increase Google and YouTube rankings.


Reach all viewers no matter their hearing or auditory comprehension abilities.


Allow viewers to digest video content in situations with lots of background noise.

English Learners

Help non-native English speakers better comprehend your content by providing readable text.

Watch Time

Hold attention by providing text on silent video previews and giving views the option to turn on closed captions.

FCC Regulation

Federal law requires broadcasters, cable companies, satellite television and any content open to the public to provide closed captions.

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