Secure Transcription

We uphold the strongest security measures possible to make sure your files remain secure and confidential throughout the whole process from initial upload to receipt of your final product.

Secure and Private Network

We rely on secure private networks via firewall protected, impenetrable telephone lines and virtual private networks (VPN) when using IP transmission.


Voice and data transmitted outside of our clients’ facilities and through the KMTS network via an IP medium is encrypted to ensure that data is protected at all times during the transmission process from sending to receiving to the returning of transcribed work.


Portions of the KMTS network, including both hardware and software are protected by the most secure firewall technology available.

Virus Protection

KMTS runs the most updated versions of multiple virus protection programs throughout our network. We ensure that virus scans are performed at several junctures throughout the KMTS network including servers at our facilities, servers at the medical facility, and on each individual transcriptionists work station.


We have established an internal task force that monitors the HIPAA regulation development for changes and evolving compliance standards. KMTS’s transcription processes have been developed to ensure the highest level of patient information safety to ensure our compliance with HIPAA.

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