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Story of KMTS

The year was 1989: office computers were beginning to proliferate; typewriters were becoming obsolete; and the need for quality medical transcription was more than ever. Kristin Muller was serving as an administrative assistant when she was called upon to transcribe a doctor’s audio dictation. The speed and accuracy of that first transcription caught the doc’s attention, as he decided to give her more material to transcribe. So good was her work that she began transcribing full-time, and via a strong referral base Kristin accumulated more clients in the form of individual physicians and small practices. From there, Kristin Muller Transcription Services (KMTS) was born! Proving to be an experienced, trusted, and personable transcription company, Kristin soon gained clients of major hospitals and institutions in the Los Angeles area by 1995.

Adapting to Change

Amongst many changes, whether it be the EMR mandate, COVID-19, or emerging technologies, we are have proven our ability to adapt. Our team is well-researched and innovative in our approach to providing quality audio to text solutions. You can count on us to be your long-term, personable transcription, translation, and closed captioning service.

Furthermore, Kristin is a proud member of the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) for her commitment to ethical entrepreneurship.

Practice Areas

For 25 years, we have been the Los Angeles region’s most trusted transcription company. However, online technology opened the door to clients all over the nation who desire a fast, accurate, flexible, and cost-effective transcription service without the corporate red tape. This expansion was accompanied by an extension of service offering, as we now serve all transcription needs from medical to academic to legal and beyond.

Much deserved, Kristin was recently accepted into the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) for her commitment to ethical entrepreneurship.

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