Spanish to English Translation and Transcription

Spanish to English Translation and Transcription

Spanish to English Translation and Transcription

Hola. Tengo una pregunta. Tengo videos en español, grabaciones, entrevistas, y mucho más que se deben no sólo traduce, sino también transcrito en Inglés. ¿Puede proporcionar la asistencia necesaria?

Absolutamente. KMTS ahora ofrece la traducción y transcripción de Español a Inglés.


Hello. I have a question. I have Spanish videos, recordings, interview, and more that need to be not only translated, but also transcribed into English. Can you provide the necessary assistance?

Absolutely. KMTS now offers the translation and transcription of Spanish to English.

The Spanish Language Integration into Society

We all know in this changing landscape of America, that Spanish is becoming an ever increasingly important language spoken in all corners of the nation, as well as the central planes, rocky mountains, and deep valleys that exist in our great country. The Pew Research Center states that there are over 37 million Spanish speakers in the United States, and the number of speakers is up 233% since 1980.

Spanish has integrated with all sectors of society, business, leisure, and social discourse. Individuals are compensated far greater with a bi-lingual grasp and the clientele of hospitals, law firms, universities, and other entities are accepting the application of Spanish into work life.

Spanish Audio and Video Translated and Transcribed into English Text

Doctors and practitioners who know Spanish as their primary language may choose to start dictating in their 1st language. Interviews with prominent academic figures may very well desire to take place in Spanish. Journalistic interviews, market research, and trial depositions are more authentic and pure when spoken in the first language.

Of course, these recordings – be it video or audio – must then be translated into English and transcribed to text format for further use.

KMTS Integrates Spanish to English Translation and Transcription

Starting February 2015, KMTS now offers complete Spanish audio and video translation and transcription into English text.

The service extends Spanish to English Translation and Transcription to include, but not limited to,

  • All audio and video files originally in the Spanish language with a need to be translated and transcribed into English
  • Videos of Spanish audio with a desire for English closed captioned text
  • High importance Spanish text to be translated into the English language with specific document format
  • Medical dictations originally recorded in Spanish
  • Market research of Spanish audio recordings
  • Legal depositions recorded in Spanish
  • Academic research and interviews taped in Spanish
  • Spanish lectures to be translated and transcribed into English text
  • Journalistic interviews recorded in Spanish
  • And so much more. KMTS will meet your translation and transcription needs whatever they may be.


KMTS also supports translation and transcription in the opposite direction; English to Spanish Translation and Transcription.

For more information, contact Kristin at (310) 545-0982.