6 Benefits of a Video Transcription Service

6 Benefits of a Video Transcription Service

Originally, the Internet was built for text. We truly witnessed a revolution in the way information is disseminated and shared. Today, the year is 2014 and the game has changed. Just as newspapers were superseded by television, our human desire for visual consumption is leading to the rise of video technologies across all industries. This shift has created a great demand for video transcription service. But why do you want quality video transcripts to accompany your video?

Here are 6 benefits of utilizing a video transcription service:

1. Search Engine Optimization

Google and other search engines are not yet equipped to index video for its audio content. On the other hand, Google bots crawl and index pages of text content to appear in inquired results. To optimize your video for search engines, attach a text transcript to the page hosting your video.

2. Cut Post-Production Time

We know that video productions are on a budget. The more time it takes to complete the project, the greater the producer’s expense. A video transcription service delivers you precise text, which allows for quick content review and edits.

3. Locate Sound Bites and Quotes

Once you procure a video transcript, you can easily search for keywords and relevant content. Use identified sound bites for snippets, captions, or articles for dissemination.

4. Derivative Content

Publish your video and use the text you receive from your video transcription service for further use such as in blogs, articles, press releases, whitepapers, or how-to articles.

5. Increase Engagement

Disseminating transcripts along with your video increases engagement, especially when presented with complex or long-length videos. Also, captions are said to increase video completion rates from 40%-80%!

6. Archive Your Video Content

You never know when you’ll want to refer to your video content in the future! Having the audio in text format helps keep your video content safe.

Your Video Transcription Service

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