Genome-Informed Therapy

Genome-Informed Therapy

Hooray, the Human Genome Project is complete! Now presenting: Genome-Informed Therapy!

Scientists across the globe have gone beyond simply sequencing DNA. They now connect the dots between genetic codes and common diseases and illnesses. The link between genetics, or DNA, and medical concerns is growing stronger and stronger every day. Doctors are seeking advancements in the rapidity of connecting illnesses or diseases. The time has come for genome-informed therapy.

How does Genome-Informed Therapy Reveal in an EHR Platform?

In 2018, EHRs will begin facilitating genome-informed therapy through a patient’s DNA and the EHR system utilized.

  1. Patient’s DNA sequence is uploaded into the EHR platform…
  2. Illness can be connected with identified genes on the EHR…
  3. Doctors can match a patient’s symptoms with a possible genetic explanation…
  4. Physicians can provide genome-informed therapy to identify and address the issue.


Two tasks are completed with this data accessed within the EHR:

  • Rapid Diagnosis: Identify the root of issues quickly when related to genetic reasoning, not environmental/lifestyle
  • Recommended Treatment: Receive support and advice about how to help heal the patient or alleviate symptoms


KMTS is on the forefront of research and innovation. We can transcribe directly into your EHR, edit files and add longer notes, or virtually scribe through bluetooth dictation. Genetic-Informed Therapy integrated in EHR will aid physicians in diagnosing and treating patients. KMTS will continue to be there to guide all your documentation, meeting you with solutions to your specific needs.