DNA: A Transcription Metaphor


DNA: A Transcription Metaphor

The Story of DNA

The nucleus holds a forever-dense core of pure intelligence. It is loaded with codes that write the world itself, and it’s beaming with life. Location, role, and mission determine its manifestations. DNA is the most potent substance known to mankind and it expresses itself to be plants, heart, aquatic beings, as well as you and me. Transcribed, its power is limitless.

Transcription builds the runner, RNA. Transcribed packages of endless oceans of data make code readable. Without transcription, DNA is a non-interpretable wave. RNA gives DNA potential to thrive, to become its fullest self.

With a ribosome, RNA translates and springs into life. Ribosome is the translating workhorse of the cell due to its role reading the transcribed mind of RNA – mysteriously wound in such wonderful order. Further, the proteins and nucleic acids go on to form the molecules, systems, and beings of our planet. These beings eventually change the world. In fact, this force makes up the world itself.

We all have great ideas. We speak wisdom, produce films, record events, and sometimes just simply think aloud. Our work, transcribed or translated, has endless utility. You can make your audio and video files more accessible to you, your team, or the world.

See the story of how Kristin transcribed and translated to make a better world. Then, click to Transcribe and Translate Today.

(Left) Jay with his inspirational Mother, Kristin (Right)

For fun, here’s a quick video animating DNA transcription!