Virtual Scribe


Using just an iPad and bluetooth earpiece, connect with a live virtual scribe.

Sync your calendar and we'll be on standby.

Before Visit

The medical assistant takes history and vitals to enter in the EMR.

The doctor connects to the virtual scribe on a HIPPA compliant, secure VOIP/VPN channel.

During Visit

The virtual scribes listens in and transcribes the exam - notes, CPT/ICD codes, eRx, orders, and more.

The doctor remains hands free during the patient interaction.

After Visit

The doctor and virtual scribe review the day’s charts and files. They make final edits and conclusions before signing off.

EMR entry is real-time.


Decreased Salary Costs

Increased Productivity

Screen-Free Interaction

Capturing Details at a Fast Pace

Zero Interference with Workflow and Thought Process


Absolutely! Services span all professional, personal, and academic industries.

Our virtual scribes are trained in dozens of EMR and EHR systems. With that said, we can serve any client, company, agency, or organization that wants real time, precise, and cost-effective transcription.

Questions?  You can email or call us at (310) 545-0982