Transcribe Research, Keyword Analyze, Accelerate Understanding

research transcription

Transcribe Research, Keyword Analyze, Accelerate Understanding

Lectures, interviews, consultations, and other briefings on the research road to greater discovery can last for hours! Unless you have superhuman memory, chances are that you cannot retain and remember the majority of your research whether it be academic, professional, or personal. Moreover, taking notes doesn’t cut it, and audio recordings aren’t user friendly as skipping through tracks become a mind-numbing endeavor. As we all did in school, the best way to draw conclusions, discover interesting points, and understand your subject is by reading content in text. Unlock that ability through research transcription!

Research Transcription: When and Why is it Helpful?

  • Academically: You may want to write a paper and quote your own professor through your research transcription directly.  You possibly desire to have the lecture printed for review so you can study up! However, you’ll need to analyze your subjects spoken word. Through the transcription of your academic research, you’ll gain access and the ability to analyze text.
  • Professionally: Market research transcription is a blossoming field. Test run a product with cameras and recorders in the room, and receive transcription reports to truly hear your subjects feedback. Lawyers, you can obtain text versions of depositions and other legal procedures. Professionals all around the globe are saving text content for proceedings in digital and online copy.
  • Personally: Going to listen to one of your favorite speakers? Capture their spoken word with video or audio recording devices and save a copy of their speech forever! Finally, transcription done right.

Have a Video?

Capture it on any device from an iPhone to motion picture equipment and receive either audio transcription to complement your recording, or closed caption transcription directly embedded in your video! Rest assured, Kristin and her team has been working with audio and video software and devices for over 31 years. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

Feature: Academic Research Transcription … Fast, Easy, Cost-Effective

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