Kristin Muller: The Heart behind KMTS

Kristin Muller

Kristin Muller: The Heart behind KMTS

When a child is brought into this world, it is an inspired being soaking in stimulus like a sponge to water. Eyes held open bright and giggles signifying bliss, the newborn enters this world with unlimited potential. There is a lot that genetics determine, but it is undeniable that the magic ingredient in a child’s lyfe – that which makes or breaks his or her experience – is predicated on a mother nurturing the child to health and happiness.

When I was young, she used to tuck me in every night reading stories of E.L. Konigsburg, Dr. Seuss, and C.S. Lewis. She nurtured my understanding of love and empathy, laying the foundation of right and wrong. I was supported in every endeavor my youthful heart strove for, never missing a school play, baseball game, or special day of any sort. When I performed in my 5th grade play as Wizard of Oz’s Scarecrow, I remember brushing aside the broom bristles peering into the crowd and meeting eye-to-eye with the rock in lyfe, my mother. In happy times, she celebrated the bliss. In sour times, my mother was there to press aside the clouds and reveal once more the sunshine that is infinite and forever.

Armed with a fundamental understanding of intention, she was inspired from the medical industry’s interest in aiding the health of our friends and family. As a teenager during the boom of computers and type processing, her early talents and interests would become a great asset in aiding doctors’ efficiency and clarity. Her first pieces of transcription were sound and timely, and word soon spread.

Motivated to make a better life for her family, she would often put in 18 hours running the business as it expanded in capacity, offerings, and efficiency. I remember nights in the ‘90s when I would sneak into the kitchen at 2am to steal a midnight snack, and see her office light on and the woman relentlessly organizing, processing, and powering through to make sure she didn’t let anyone down. The love she had for her doctors and clients, friends and family, and her very own self guided prolonged success. Whether we were on vacation, down at the beach, or arriving early for swim meets, my mother was dedicated to sustaining a divine sense of customer service and commitment to her promises with laptop(s) in hand. This tandem effect blossomed both her family and business. She has not been in this line of business for the finances alone, but rather to positively affect hundreds of thousands of medical patients, as well as clients from a range of other needs and industries.

All the while, she kept her family closest to her heart.


My mother, Kristin Muller, is undoubtedly my hero. She has demonstrated a relentless commitment to growth and love, revealing a living manifestation and example of the word commitment. She has inspired me to become the best version of myself and chase my own wildest dreams. Her support and ignition of passion has led my siblings and me down noble paths. Having just finished my first year as a 5th grade teacher with Teach for America in South Dallas, my limits have been tested. I have discovered what sleepless nights and unexpected happenings require of us, especially when we’re talking about the lives of kids. I’ve learned what she seemed to have always known, the truth behind what it means to persevere through challenges and continue spreading love with all those we come in contact with. I would not be where I am or have thrived through my first year in the classroom – nor would many doctors who demand fast turnaround, journalists who seek perfect accuracy, business owners who call for sound material, and other professionals with their unique desires – without Mom.


Kristin Muller, the heart behind KMTS, is a shining star burning bright late into the night. I have seen with my own very eyes the ridiculous sense of dedication, passion, and love she radiates in her family, business, and random strangers. As Kristin Muller Transcription Services has expanded, the family-business aura has never faded. At the core is a woman devoted to anything she commits to. I’m damn proud of you, Mom. Thank you for igniting passion and the pursuit of happiness.