EMR Conversion

Looking for an EMR Conversion? We’ll make it easy.

Since the EMR mandate took effect, medical providers have been searching for the right EMR. Some have held off and are now looking to make the move to EMR. Others have already digitized records, but are now looking to convert to a better platform. We at KMTS make EMR conversion rapid, reliable, and cost-effective.

Step 1: Project Assessment

Assessment: First, we’ll observe the volume and variation in data entry within your current EMR. We’ll cross reference and analyze the differences between the current and future software, including data format, fields, financial tracking, and note systems. At this point, we determine pathways to solve these discrepancies. Finally, this assessment will inform us on the staffing requirements and timeline to complete the EMR conversion.

Step 2: EMR Conversion

Conversion: This is the groundwork of the project. We’ll filter for patient data and transfer audio recordings, written notes, as well as scanned documents. In addition, we’ll identify duplicate or unnecessary data as well as cross-walking data elements such as provider codes, facility codes, pay codes, fee schedules, insurance providers, and insurance plans. Here, we’ll scan files into the system if any paper records were left behind from the initial EMR implementation.

Step 3: Training & Monitoring

Training & Monitoring: Following conversion, we’ll ready your office for immediate, effective use of your new system. Our team will transfer proficiencies in operating, charting, and archiving data and records within the EMR to in-house personnel such as physicians, nurse practitioners, RNs, or technicians.


Instead, you could also elect to keep us on to manage your EMR. This options allows you to dictate notes as you always have and leaving the charting and/or editing to us.

emr conversion

We are able to integrate our conversion services with nearly all platforms on the market! Talk to Kristin if you would like advice with choosing your software.

KMTS EMR Conversion:

More cost-effective than in-house

Incredibly time-efficient due to scale

Trained experts will handle your project ensuring great accuracy

Avoid hiccups during transfer

Evades unnecessary staff and personnel training

Questions?  You can email or call us at (310) 545-0982